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Look good. FEEL GOOD. Smell good. 3 Things You Can Do To FEEL Your Best

Looking good, feeling good and smelling good is our motto but it all starts from within. Here at Karma Kare, self care is our top priority and is ultimately about feeling good from the inside out! See below for the top 3 things we do when we’re feeling stressed, anxious or just need to lift our mood.


It happens to all of us at some point. Stuff piles up. You shove things to the side to make room for new items. You add to your closet without getting rid of anything. Before you know it, your room has piles of clothes, your drawer has dozens of miscellaneous items or your email is flooding with unread messages. A sense of anxiety and stress begins to take hold.

There are many reasons why we clutter. Sometimes the activity of decluttering can feel overwhelming and time consuming. Other times we may be unsure of what we want to keep or throw away. We fear discarding items because we think we’ll need it in the future. However, cluttering can have some negative side affects on your mental health, behavior and energy. According to studies, clutter can increase our anxiety levels, lower our ability to focus and make us less productive. Your physical environment significantly influences your behavior, emotions and relationships. Therefore, if you are feeling any of these effects, it may be time to declutter your life.

Start Small. Begin with with one room at a time. If that’s too much, start with one drawer at a time. As you begin to clean up and clear out, your anxiety, stress and cognitive behavior will improve. You will feel less overwhelmed and more peaceful while experiencing an overall lighter energy and satisfaction. Because things are not all over the place and disorganized, you’ll feel less frustration and agitation when searching for an item. You’ll know what you need to replace and what you have in inventory. Overall, a sense of calm, control and happiness will enter your realm.


Houseplants look great in the home. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they can naturally make us feel good as well. If your lifestyle is mostly indoors – whether you’re in a home or an office space, adding plants to your environment will give you the boost that you need. Studies show that spending time outdoors with nature can reduce our mental fatigue, improve our behavior and increase our relaxation. However, if you’re one of the many people who spend most of their time indoors then adding a houseplant (or two) can be the alternative. This way you can still reap the benefits. In fact, houseplants can even increase the quality of your space by cleaning indoor air and absorbing toxins! Other positive effects of adding a bit of greenery to you space include, boosting your mood, reducing stress and increasing your creativity and concentration.

Need some ideas on which houseplant you should add to your space? Here are a few suggestions:

1- Spider Plants: These houseplants are pretty low maintenance. They are easy to grow and you will not need much of a green thumb to watch them thrive. Spider plants are also known to clean their surrounding air. In fact, a NASA study showed that these plants removed 95% of toxic formaldehyde from the air in a seal Plexiglas chamber during a 24 hour period.

2- Snake Plants: The snake plant is another houseplant that is extremely low maintenance. In fact, they can grow in any kind of light and only need to be watered when the soil is dry. Similar to the spider plant, a NASA study showed that it also removes toxins from the air over time.

3- Pothos: This plant is another one that is easy to grow without having a green thumb. It only needs indirect sunlight and a watering every so often. The pothos plant also lowers indoor ozone levels (making it easier to breathe) and removes harmful VOCs from the air. FYI, VOCs are gasses that are emitted in the air from products and processes – including aerosols, cleaners, disinfectants and paints



Music is one of the few things that can alter your mood in only a few moments. If your mood is low or you’re feeling stressed out, put on some upbeat music and you’re guaranteed to feel a difference immediately. Believe it or not, music is also know to help your heart. Studies show that music can reduce heart rate, decrease stress hormones and blood pressure and increase serotonin in the blood. All of these amazing benefits from just a minutes of tunes. You can’t beat that! So get up and put together that playlist that makes you feel happy, sexy, playful, youthful or just plain silly.

Need some help putting together that list? Here are a few suggestions:

· “Check on It” Artist: Beyoncé

· “Valerie” Artist: Mark Ronson f. Amy Winehouse

· “Big Energy” Artist: Latto